Think and grow rich

How to make money online without investment is a question that fascinates many.How would it feel like when you are able to make a decent online income without any skills,without any knowledge of computers and without any sounds quite cool, right.I am here to tell you about one of the most promising ways to earn real money online without investing a dime.All you need to do right now is to read this material carefully.

First of all, I would like to remind all of my readers that it is not a get rich quick scheme.Their are offers on internet which will feel so irresistable that you will not be able to avoid them.Some egs are “how to make 500$ or 1000$ dollars in one day without investment”,these so called offers will say that, “you don’t need to do anything,just join our system and earn everyday”.Take a minute and think over this.If this would have been possible then everybody having access to computer would have been millionaire.All these offers are fake.With my method you will be able to make some decent income per month,after that I strongly recommend you to look out for investment oppurtunities online.As for now let’s come straight to our topic,the most promising way to earn money online is through PTC.

Now some of you may wonder as to,”what does that mean”,PTC means “paid-to-click” sites.As a member on these sites you get paid when you click on advertisements.The concept behind ptc is this that the advertiser pays ptc sites for displaying ads on the PTC website and then some part of the payment goes to the viewer when he views the advertisement.So basically a ptc acts as a middleman between members and advertisers.You earn upto 0.01 per advertisement and get somewhere around 10 ads per day.This makes 0.10$ on one site on your own effort but that’s not all,you can earn through refferals as well.This is the most interesting feature about ptc,it can make you earn 45+$ in a single day! I”ll tell you how to earn 45 or maybe 50$ from a ptc on single day so keep reading. As a member, you get:

Up to $0.01 per ad view
Up to $0.01 per referral ad view
Referrals rent
Detailed statistics with graphics of your gains
Instantly payouts
Minimum payout of $2

Do the math:

If you get 200 referrals that click 10 times each day:
200 referrals x $0.01 + $0.10(your clicks)* = $2.10 per day
30 days x $2.10 = 63$ per month
355 x $2.10 =745$ per year

All this is for single ptc site,if you register with say 7 ptc sites than your earnings will instantly become 7times!.Best part about ptc is that you only have to work 5 or 6 minutes on a ptc site.This is free easy money but before you get all excited i would like to warn you that many ptc sites in the market are scams.I have listed 7 ptc sites which have been tried and tested by me,they are all legit and they pay instantly when you reach minimum payout limit.I advice you to register on all these ptc through the banners given below.

before reading further please
Sign up with Alertpay
Alertpay is a sort of electronic bank.Your payments will be made via alertpay

PTC site 1-Neobux

This was my first ptc site,I was introduced to this site by my friend in 2009.This site is one of the most legit sites in ptc industry.I profited maximum from this site.It has an excellent forum which solves all your queries.Here is my payment proof from this site.

Of late I am not being able to work on this site due to my other appointments, but guess what, I am still getting payments from neobux because of my huge refferal base.THIS IS PASSIVE INCOME.You have to work once and you earn for a lifetime.Here is my latest payment proof.

So you see why neobux is a leader in ptc industryFor registering in neobux click yhe banner below.

Ptc site 2-Clixsense
This site is my favourite after neobux.It is one of the the oldest ptc site and has great reputation in the ptc industry.I have earned huge profits from this site.This site also has an excellent forum and a wide member base.Here is my payment proof from this site

Click on the banner below to register with clixsense

PTC site 3-Infinitybux
Infinitybux is one of the best ptc sites online and launched on the 31st of July 2010. Infinitybux has been paying all members since and the owner ‘Charles Scoville’ has much experience with ptc sites and also owns another paying site named The site accepts all countries and Infinitybux has come a long and now has over 250,000 members which is a big achievement for any ptc.I was quite amazed by this site,it is a model ptc.Here is my payment proof from this site

Click on the banner to register with Infinitybux

4.PTC site 4 TVIPTC
TVIPTC is a good and stable ptc site that was launched by ‘Charles Scoville’ on April 2010. TVIPTC uses the buxhost script and the owner ‘Charles Scoville’ has much experience in the ptc industry because he also owns another successful and paying ptc site named Infinitybux. TVIPTC accepts members from all countries and provide Secondary password and cashout pin for all members.This is my payment proof from this site

Click on the banner to register with tviptc

5.PTC site 5 Foreverbux
This is relatively new site but it’s member base is increasing exponentially,I joined this site only 3 months back and it gave me instant rewards.I was able to cashout handsome money from this site.Here is my earning proof

Click on the banner to register with foreverbux

6.PTC site 6 Buxsecure
This site offers instant payouts.This is legit ptc site and I stongly recommend you to join this site

Click on the banner to register with Buxsecure

7.PTC site 7 Yimbux
Tis is a legit site.It has paid me solid real cash ever since I joined this site.This site also has all the excellent features that a ptc site need to have,i.e excellent forum,wide member base and instant payouts.Here is my payment proof for this site

Click on the banner to register with Yimbux

O.k, I suppose that you have registered with all ptc sites,now I will show to how to boost your income through refferals.

I have 2 strategies basically.One strategy works only on neobux and the second one works on both of them.
allow me to introduce you the best kept secrets of internet marketers.This strategy 1 is very powerful. Many marketers over the net would charge you for this but I give it to you for FREE,so read every word carefully


There are 2 types of referrals.,i.e rented and direct.The secret to make substantial amount in ptc is through direct referrals.You get commisions for the cliks done by your referrals.The problem is that you are starting with scratch and I assume you are not willing to invest any funds.To get direct referrals you have to do some advertising,and for advertising you need funds.Most of the people on internet will say that you join bidvertiser or obes to market your ptc but in reality these sources seldom work.I have found a free marketing source which helps you to advertise your ptc sites for FREE.YES I MEAN FREE THERE IS NO CATCH.The name of this wonderful source is Leadleaps.Join this site and thn create your own blog from wordpress(P.S- Do not use blogger,that’s because your blog may be stopped any time,if it relates to ptc.Many people do not recommend blogger for ptc blogs).Even if you don’t know how to blog,don’t be disheartened.You will be taught everything on wordpress,so don’t worry.In this blog you have to write about ptc and the advantages it offers.Do attatch some payment proofs.If you don’t have real payment proof then you can search google for some proofs and paste them on your blog.After you have done this,you have to paste the “html code” of banners for various ptcs in your blog.You will find banners in the advertising section of ptcs.After you have done this,advertise your blog with leadleap and get too fast,too quick referrals.Make sure that you make the blog interesting and provide them with full information.That all.

STRATEGY 2 This is a long term strategy and it can make you a lot of bucks after some consistent efforts.First strategy may sound interesting but to increase your earning potential you must work on this strategy.In this strategy you only need to have patience,rome was not built in a day and you will not get success overnight.So here the strategy,

Step 1:
Register with neobux

Sep 2:
Start By clicking your ads every day. It will only take 5 minutes of your time daily. Continue until you reach $3.00.

Step 3:
Before you rent referrals you should earn $3 by clicking on your ads (Or You Can Invest For Quickness) and then transfer it to your rental balance. This way you will have $1 per referral and you will easily be able to recycle them if they are not active or pay to keep them for one more month. It will take a while to get $3 on your own, but this way you will be able to keep your referrals and exchange the inactive ones for active ones without the fear that you will not be able to pay for them.

Step 4:
Once you have your $3 in your rental balance, purchase 3 referrals, Autopay is another must. As soon as you rent your first 3 referrals turn Autopay on (you will find this on the page where your referrals are listed). Referrals cost 30 cents a month to keep. Instead of you paying for the referral, they pay for themselves as long as you have Autopay turned on. What it does it subtract one of the advertisements your referral views each day and puts it towards the 30 cents that referral needs to stick around for another month. So you get one less penny from each referral, but they will be your referral as long as they are active.

Step 5:
Cashing out too early is a huge problem for people that use NeoBux. When you request a payment it is INSTANTLY transferred into your Paypal account. In order to see if NeoBux is indeed legit (which it is) many people will earn a dollar by clicking and then cash it out. Big deal! You now have a WHOLE DOLLAR in your Paypal account. That dollar should have been put towards buying referrals. With this strategy you will be putting $3 into your rental balance before you buy 3 referrals ($1 per referral). Keep renting referrals by increments of 3 (you can rent by higher increments later as your referrals make you more money) and continue until you have 300 referrals. This will take quite some time. This is where most people flake out. When you reach 300 referrals, stop buying referrals and just maintain the ones you already have. Keep doing this until the money builds up to about $100 and you can use $90 of it to pay for golden membership. $100 won’t take that very long to get. Once you have 300 referrals and have upgraded to golden membership, your earnings will DOUBLE. This is the great part. Golden membership costs $90 per year, but instead of getting half a cent for every advertisement your referral views, you get 1 cent. Your earnings doubled.

Step 6:
Keep renting new referrals after you upgrade to golden membership and do not cash out. Remember, you haven’t cashed out at all, and you should not until you have 2,000 referrals. When you have 2,000 referrals, maintain and manage them until you have enough cash for ultimate membership. Once you have ultimate membership, rent referrals until you have 7,000.
Why 7,000 Referrals?
On an average of 0.75 referral ad clicks per day, The 7,000 referrals will produce 5,250 ad clicks, which means you earn $50 A DAY!!!!
From here you can rent more to maximize your profits or just manage them and enjoy the income!
And that’s the end of the strategy.

After you make substantial income from ptcs(which I am sure you will) then turn to other investment opportunities online.In the end I would like to say one thing,”please don’t quit if you don’t get success right away”,if you quit you will lose on terrific opportunities on net or in life.Remember,world’s biggest billonaires started small and slowly and steadily reaped rewards and I sincerely hope all my blog vistors will someday become a great people if not billonaires.So that’s it from my side.I wish you good luck and god bless you all.